When animals are surrendered, we ensure that they are altered (spay/neuter), and current on vaccinations. We also take care of the grooming, pay for food, toys, treats, flea and tick preventative etc. while the pet is in our home! All of our adoption fees are set based on the amount of care the individual animal needed when they arrived.

We will will consider any species of pet(s) that you would like to re-home. We are, however, unable to take cats in at this time. Please fill out the form below. 

Each pet may be subject to a surrendering fee.  This helps with the expenses we put into them.

Everything is confidential. We will contact you for further evaluation and will inform you whether or not we are able to accept your pet.

Dogs must get along with other dogs and children, 

I have a pet to Surrender

Tyoe of Pet

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