When animals are surrendered to us, we do any vet work  that they need. Including but not limited to spay/neuter, vaccinations, deworming, microchip, heartworm testing, dentals, x-rays, bloodwork and anything else they may need. . We also take care of the grooming, pay for food, toys, treats, flea and tick preventative etc. while the pet is in our home! All of our adoption fees are set based on the amount of care the individual animal needed when they arrived or are based on their age to help off set extra costs by others.

**If you are needing to return a dog that you adopted from PPR, you do need to fill out this form. Please call 608-415-7655. We accept any of our adopted dogs back at any time.**


Intake Availability:

PPR does not euthanize animals to make room for other animals. Adoptable animals are with us until they find a permanent home or move into a foster home, which may be a matter of weeks or even months. Therefore we may not have immediate room but will try our best to accommodate you and your pet.

Admission Procedure:

The first step in the surrender process is to complete this form. Please answer all questions and with as much detail as possible. We will review your information and determine if your dog is appropriate for our adoption program. Please understand we receive MANY requests to take in dogs  and are unable to accommodate everyone. Be sure and provide us with a working email address as we may contact you by email.

Surrender Appointment. If we believe your dog may be a candidate for our adoption program, you will be contacted to schedule a Surrender Appointment. At that time, you will bring the dog to PPR along with any veterinary records. We will evaluate your dog's behavior. All intake decisions are at the sole discretion of PPR.

Surrender Fee (not required). We ask for a donation (if you can) to help offset the costs associated with vetting and caring for the dog while at PPR. It costs us several hundred dollars to get a dog ready to be adopted and nearly $10 PER DAY to care for each dog here at PPR. If you are unable to make that donation, please still fill out this form and we will work with you, it is not required. Our first concern is the dog and having the opportunity to help you,

If we have space available, we will take the dog in. If we do not have space your dog will place on the waiting list, you will be advised of the approximate entry date into PPR, and you will be asked to keep your dog until room is available.

As stated above, not all dogs can be accepted into PPR. If your dog does not pass our behavior evaluation, we cannot take your dog and we will suggest other options such as private placement, breed rescue and help as much as we can.

Everything is confidential.

We will contact you for further evaluation and will inform you whether or not we are able to accept your pet.

I have a dog/puppy to Surrender

Sex of Dog


Has the dog ever bitten someone or another animal?

Is the dog current on vaccinations?

Is the dog current on Heartworm/Lymes Test?

When was the dog's last visit to the veterinarian?

Does the dog have any health problems?

Is the dog on any medications?

Does the dog experience any behavior issues?

Please clink any that apply

I understand completion of this form does not guarantee admittance of my dog into PPR adoption program. By my electronic signature, I swear I am the legal owner or am legally authorized to surrender this animal. By my electronic signature, and upon my delivery of this animal to PPR, I hereby surrender all my interest in this animal to PPR. I understand decisions regarding this animal, its care while at PPR, and placement into an appropriate home will be at the discretion of PPR. I understand I have no recourse in these decisions

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