We are here to help the community with finding good homes for your beloved dog/puppy!

We are not an ordinary rescue, all our dogs/puppies come from Wisconsin and usually from families that really love them and want the best for them.

Some are not able to care for them or keep them due to unforeseen circumstances and want help finding them a loving and caring family.

If you are overwhelmed by responses and not sure who to chose for your pup, moving and can not take with you, your job has changed or you have more hours and not enough time, allergies....look no further!

This is where we step in, we try our best to immediately take them into our rescue. We have a handful of wonderful families that have dedicated their homes for fostering these babies. 

We also take them to our vet for evaluation and any vetting they may need.

See our Surrender page for more information.


We are working at becoming an not for profit rescue!

To help us raise the funds needed for us to apply to become non-profit you can make a donation on the "Ways You Can Help" Page

WI Dept of Ag Number: 469226-DS

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